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Oct 16, 2020 | Blog

“The people who are most impacted by change aren’t necessarily the ones at the table to speak about it.” ~ Justin Moore

This past Sunday was National Coming Out Day, a celebration across the country that marks the 1987 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. This celebration has expanded to a full month, honoring the LGBTQIA+ community both online and off for all its struggles and triumphs.

Poorly Timed Games embraces the celebration of National Coming Out Day. Many of our team belong to the LGBTQIA+ community, and we believe that a diverse team allows us to tell the richest stories. We hired an amazing crew, and our LGBTQIA+ teammates’ talent testifies to how many brilliant people work in the games industry from all walks of life.

Our game reflects our team’s diversity. Authenticity has been our goal from the start, and that means that our characters reflect the team’s own variety. We strive to tell stories that are true not only to us but to the many different voices in the gaming community.

GGP Coming Out Day Panel

Justin Moore, Gordon Bellamy, Chris Wright, Veronica Ripley, Allan Cudicio, Jeffrey Yohalem, and Erika Ishii speaking at the GGP Coming Out Day Twitch panel.

Poorly Timed Games’ founder and CEO, Chris Wright, appeared as a guest on the Gay Gaming Professionals Sunday broadcast, featured on the front page of Twitch. Hosted by Gordon Bellamy — an LGBTQIA+ champion within game development — an exciting panel of LGBTQIA+ game devs and content creators came together and shared their experiences. If you missed the stream, the VOD can be found here.

Other featured guests included Justin Moore (Rainbow Arcade), Veronica Ripley (Transmission Gaming), popular Twitch streamer Alastair (AKA TheEret), Allan Cudicio (Wagadu Chronicles), Jeffrey Yohalem (Ubisoft/Immortals Fenyx Rising), and Erika Ishii (VO performer in Dream Daddy, Avengers, & Destiny 2).

Everyone came together to empower the audience and foster a safer, more welcoming environment. As an audience of a few hundred exploded to over 9000 viewers, the chat filled with heart emotes and Pride flags of all varieties.

GGP’s stand for diversity reflects our own, which we manifest in a game that reflects the world we want to see. Several of our characters are queer, PoC, or both. To that end, we’re casting voice actors to match their characters. While it’s often said that “great actors can play any role,” the truism is too often used to cast mainstream actors and marginalize LGBTQIA+ talent.

A narrative has as many stories as it has characters. For that reason, we are creating a universe that can tell many stories and hold more perspectives than many fictions allow — and we’re bringing the right people on board to tell those stories. We’re designing our game for a diverse audience, one they can see themselves in through characters, stories, and worlds they can identify with. We’re excited to start sharing more of what that universe looks like soon.

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The Pitch Deck

The Pitch Deck

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