The Pitch Deck

Feb 25, 2021 | Blog

It is ready.

For the past year, the team has grown from the original two to more than twenty, all working remotely — from Germany to Seattle — and we cannot wait to show off what we’ve been making. This milestone has been a longtime coming. After several iterations, version overhauls, and fine tuning edits, our pitch deck is ready to slide into publishers’ inboxes

Our pitch deck, with an accompanying demo that shows off the core mechanics, is available to any publisher that wants to take a look. All the details have been laid out in full, from the game to the studio culture, and even our many plans for the community.

Note: This is a pre-production rendition, pardon our space dust.

What comes after finding a publisher and securing funding? Everything. We hit the ground running, onboard more people to beef up the team, and continue to make the game to our uncompromised vision.

This is such a stressful but exciting time, we can’t wait to see where this leg of the journey takes us.

Are you a publisher that wants to take a look? Send us an email at chris [AT] poorlytimedgames dot COM.

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